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We are a family of faith, entrusted with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Rooted in a rich tradition of worship, service and prayer, we foster the unity and faith of this community. Enlivened by the Spirit, we share our gifts, talents and resources to bring about the Kingdom of God.

On behalf of SS. Cyril and Methodius Parish we are happy to announce the limited re-opening of our Church building! The process of re-opening is dictated by the Archdiocese and as-such, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Each week you must make a reservation on our SignUpGenius page to attend Mass until further notice. We are only allowed 120 congregants per service. The reservation system link will be posted on our website and Facebook pages on the corresponding Friday morning.  

  • Greeters will verify your name is on the sign-up list prior to entering Church.

  • There is no congregational singing until further notice.

  • Participants at Mass are to sit in the designated/marked seats, keeping appropriate social distance. Ushers will assist you with seating arrangements.

  • All attendees must wear a face mask at all times, this includes when receiving the Host. Once received, you must step to the side to remove your mask to place the Host in your mouth.

  • There will be no gift procession until further notice.

  • There will be no formal collection taken up but there is a basket in the back of church for you to place your envelopes or donation.

  • There will be no shaking of hands during the Sign of Peace, nor holding hands during The Lord's Prayer.

  • Communion will be under the form of the consecrated host and should be received only in the hand. Ushers will guide you through the process and ask you to cleanse your hands with the provided antiseptic just prior to receiving the Host.

  • Dismissal from the church will be done row by row from back to front by the side aisles, allowing for social distance on the way out. Please follow the directions of the ushers.

  • Please note we are in-need of more volunteers to help manage the Services. SS. Cyril and Methodius will not be certified by the Archdiocese to open further without enough volunteers to manage the Mass. We need volunteers for greeters, ushers and the clean-up crew. Please contact Stan Brzezniak and Matthew O'Hare at holyname@stcyril.org for further information.

  • For those who have an intention booked for a loved one for one of the weekend Masses please call the parish life building prior to Friday at 9 am to make a reservation for Mass.  Please leave a message with your name, contact information and number of guests. (There is a maximum of 2 people).

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of renewal.

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Registration on Signup Genius in REQUIRED if you want to attend Mass within the Church building. Otherwise, we welcome you to listen to the Mass outside or in your cars on, FM 90.3. Eucharistic Ministers will come outside to distribute the Eucharist.

Please read all guidelines before attending Mass

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Completed intentions forms can by returned by mail, email to

 mbochenek@sscmlemont.org or

fax to (630)257-9372.

Przypominamy że na weekendowe Msze Św. należy się wcześniej zarejestrować przy pomocy aplikacji Signup Genius znajdującej się na stronie internetowej naszej parafii. Rejestracja dotyczy tylko osób, które chcą uczestniczyć we Mszy
w wewnątrz budynku. Na zewnątrz kościoła można słuchać Mszy przez radio FM 90.3. Komunia będzie podana przy wejściu do kościoła.

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Family  Faith  Hope  Love  Community  Holy Spirit Confirmation Forgiveness  God The Father Tradition  Compassion   Marriage  First Communions Reconciliation Baptism  Acceptance Joy Jesus Christ  Sacraments  Holy Eucharist ministries Relgious Education Anointing of The Sick  Catholic Church  Lemont Illinois  



Family  Faith  Hope  Love  Community  Holy Spirit Confirmation Forgiveness  God The Father Tradition  Compassion   Marriage  First Communions Reconciliation Baptism  Acceptance Joy Jesus Christ  Sacraments  Holy Eucharist ministries Relgious Education Anointing of The Sick  Catholic Church  Lemont Illinois  

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