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Board of Specified Jurisdiction


The Archdiocese of Chicago decided that schools in the diocese should move from an Advisory Board to a Board of Specified Jurisdiction (BSJ). Although the goals of both of these forms of governance are similar, the difference is in their composition and purpose. Advisory Boards were made of primarily parents of current students who supported the school’s sustainability. The Board of Specified Jurisdiction has a more diverse membership of parishioners, parents, alumni, and business community leaders. The idea was to increase the participation of laity in the decision making and ownership of our school. There are many committees that comprise the BSJ. These committees include Finance, Facilities, Strategic Planning, Development, Marketing, Communications, Legislative Action, Technology, and Fundraising.


As a part of this new structure, an Executive Committee was also formed. The Executive Committee is comprised of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, pastor, principal, and other Executive Committee members. The duties of the Executive Committee are to:


  • Set goals for the school and form an agenda meet those goals

  • Monitor the Board calendar in conjunction with the school calendar

  • Make decisions between meetings of entire Board as necessary

  • Provide leadership for the entire Board

  • Provide for an annual Board evaluation

  • Ensure that all committees have a written charge and submit timely reports for Board members

  • Be a first response team for the pastor and principal

The BSJ Executive Committee, along with all the other BSJ committees, help make our school the success that it is today. We are continually striving to give our children the best faith-based education possible. Like any organization, the BSJ is always looking for more involvement from our faith community. Please contact our principal, Shirley Tkachuk, Father Valdi, or any BSJ member if you are interested in sharing your talents.

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