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Helping Hands


The Helping Hands program at S.S. Cyril & Methodius has been in existence for over 30 years. We help those in need through the distribution of non-perishable food items donated by parishioners each month. Cash contributions that are received are used to purchase Manna certificates for those having special dietary needs and if funds are available, have been used to help those in need pay their rent, utility bills, medical bills and real estate taxes.


The time commitment for the Helping Hands program is relatively small – from a few hours each month to unpack, shelve, and prepare the delivery boxes, to making the actual deliveries. We meet on an as-needed basis.


We collect non-perishable food items, paper products, cleaning products and cash contributions on the first weekend of each month at all the weekend Masses. Members of Helping Hands are divided into teams to perform the necessary work. One team arranges the food in the supply area and also packs the boxes for delivery. Three other rotating teams perform the deliveries, usually on the third Sunday of each month.


We serve current and former parishioners of SS. Cyril and Methodius, individuals and families in the Lemont Community. 


We welcome volunteers. Especially younger men and women better able to handle the food deliveries. The only requirement of membership is to agree not to disclose the names of those being helped, honoring their right to dignity.


Why Do We Do It? What more can you say when deliver a box of food and a small child shouts out, “Mommy, we have cookies!”

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